Uneven Bars & Equipment

Competition uneven bars Bern FIG-tested
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Competition uneven bars Bern, Original Reuther. Bottom of 150-200 cm height adjustable upper spar of 230-280 cm and. The distance between the upper and lower spar is of 110 cm adjustable to 185th Mitbruchsicheren, wood coated fiberglass rails CarboFlex.
Matt set nationally
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ORIGINAL REUTHER. For uneven bars in a sandwich construction, characterized excellent damping, blue needle-felt. 4 landing mats 200 x 300 x 20 cm. FIG certified.
Uneven Bars World Cup Dortmund
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ORIGINAL REUTHER. FIG certified. Adjustability: Niederer Holm 140-180, 210-250 cm high Holm cm. Distance between the two rails max. 180 cm. With round, unbreakable, wood coated fiberglass rails Carboflex®. With patented double bracing consisting of two great straining force examiners and two safety wedge clamping bolts. Shipped flat pack for self-assembly.
Distance holder
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cm for the conversion of the uneven bars Model Stuttgartauf World Cup Dortmund, for a width adjustment from 130-180.
Conversion Model WM-Dortmund
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Conversion from school and club bars to the model WM Dortmund. 2 wide consoles with built-in transport rollers, 2 width adjusters up to 180 cm, two ropes each 4.5 m, 2 tension devices.
uneven Club
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Freestanding Uneven Club - FIG certified. Increased stability through fold-out feet. Round, wood sheathed SPIETH Holme, CarboFlex. Simple width adjustment: 130 - 205 cm (diagonal). Höhenvestellung for lower spar 143-193 cm for high Holm 218-266 cm.
shelf device
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Ideal storage device for Reuther uneven bars. Support for ropes (Article Nr.40490) not included.