Colibri Super softball, handball
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The super soft texture of the foamed material avoids painful ball contacts. For children, therapy, rehabilitation and seniors sport. Durable, durable and always nachregulierbar through the needle valve.
Handball, Molten H2X5000
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Competition ball made of soft PU material, very soft substructure, extremely good damping. Very good bounce properties, and super grippy surface. Hand sewn, X design, yellow / blue. Official ball of the first and second Handball Bundesliga Women (HBF).
Handball, SELECT Ultimate
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Wettspielball der absoluten Spitzenklasse aus extrem strapazierfähigem PU-Material. Die patentierte Null-Flügel-Blase sorgt für eine optimale runde Form.  Die speziell entwickelte "Shark-Skin"-Kaschierung ermöglicht ein extrem weiches Ballgefühl und einen sehr guten Grip. Der Ball ist optimal ausbalanciert und liegt hervorragend in der Hand.
Handball, Magic 2
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Synthetic rubber material, modern design. Surface with a special stick coating, characterized good grip. Soft ball contact, good bounce and flight characteristics.
SELECT Handball "Ultimate Replica"
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Training ball the sweepstakes Balls Ultimate. Made of soft and durable PU material with special lamination. The patented Zero Wing bladder ensures optimal round shape. Is very good in the hand.
Molten X3200-RB2
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Top Training Handball X3200-RB2. Soft synthetic leather, excellent playability and tacky. Red-Blue.
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2-3 drops before the pumps and the valve remains supple and dense. Capacity 15 ml.