Speedminton® Set S65
(tax incl.)
2 Speed ??rackets made of hardened aluminum S65, color yellow-red. 3 speeder (per 1 x FUN, MATCH and NIGHT-speeder) and a wind ring. 2 Speedlights to Speeden in the dark. Delivered in a black-red X-Pack bag with reinforced shoulder strap and user manual.
Speedminton® Set S90
(tax incl.)
2 Speedrackets S90 made of hardened aluminum, color green-yellow with fluorescent strings. 5 speeders (1 FUN, 1 CROSS, 1 NIGHT and 2 MATCH speeders each) and a wind ring. 4 speedlights for speeding in the dark. Supplied in a black and yellow X-Pack bag with a reinforced shoulder strap and instructions.
Speedertube Mixpack
(tax incl.)
3 match-speeder (Competition balls for longer distances), 1 Fun Speeder (entry pass for shorter distances), 1 Night Speeder for play in twilight and one wind rings. Speedlights must be ordered separately.
(tax incl.)
Spare glow sticks for speedminton. Illuminate the Night Speeder for about 3 hours. 8 in the blister.
Speedminton® School Set
(tax incl.)
This comprehensive School Set consists of 12 hardened aluminum rackets in different colors, Big Tube with 10 FUN Speeder, 10 MATCH Speeder, 48 Cones for Boundary Marking and Instructions. Delivery in large sports bag.
Speedminton® Set S200
(tax incl.)
2 Speed ??rackets S200 of hardened lightweight aluminum with Mega Power Zone in black-blue-white, 5 Mixtube Speeder (1 per FUN, 1 CROSS and NIGHT Speeder, and 2 MATCH Speeder) and a wind ring, including Easy Court Basic 4 Speedlights - for speeden in the dark. Delivered in a black-blue X-Pack bag with reinforced shoulder strap and user manual.
Speedminton® Set S400
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2 Professional Speed ??rackets S400 of graphite composite with mega-power zone and U-shaped profile in black, white and red. 5er Mixtube speeder (per 1 FUN-, 1 and 1 CROSS NIGHT speeder, and speeder 2 MATCH), 4 speedlights to Speeden in the dark and 1 Wind ring. Court Easy Court Basic with floor fixings. Delivered in a black-and-white X-Pack bag with reinforced shoulder strap and user manual.