Exercise Balls

Funny-face ball with fruit smell
(tax incl.)
Funny Ball, the smell depending on the selected crop and which is symbolized by the shape and color of the nose. Soft surface, Ø 25 cm. Must be inflated with needle valve. Corresponds completely with the standard EN 71, safety of toys.
Rubberflex grave ball, set of 6, Ø 10 cm
(tax incl.)
These balls can cast because of their unique structure in different ways, rolled and caught. They are dimensionally stable, soft, flexible and infinitely durable, making it ideal for children of all ages. 6-piece set, yellow, red, blue, purple, green and orange.
Powerball Premium ABS®
€15.10 -25%
(tax incl.)
Suitable for all conventional treatments with the ball in physical therapy, back exercise, prenatal and postnatal exercises, pelvic floor exercises, senior gymnastics etc. Pleasant textured surface with segment division. Latex-free.
BENZ MultiBall
(tax incl.)
Versatile and of great robustness. Top layer is coated on a nylon carcass rubber. Very good jumping training ball, can be used for many sports, even in the water. With special valve.